Hey guys quick question for your opinion. Seymour Duncan JB or Custom Custom for my MIM HSS Strat?

I was going to post in GG&A where it probably belongs but there have been a lot of Strat and HSS questions here in Guitar - Electric so i'm posting here instead. I've had mixed opinions and thoughts on this so far so I'm asking you guys before I call SD (to use exchange policy).

I recently had a SH4-JB full bucker installed and sounds much better than the stock HB. However, it is a bit bright and trebly as they say so I'm thinking I should do the exchange policy and get the Custom Custom Trembucker instead.

I like brighter music too like Mayer and Froosh but i have single coils for that. I need a HB that will do a fatter more driven sound like Led Zep, Van Halen, 'tallica, ZZ, etc.

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Given those influences the Custom Custom is a much better bet.
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If its a maple fingerboard, get the Custom Custom. JB if rosewood. That being said, like you stated before the JB was too bright for youpreviously, the Custom Custom is a much warmer pickup and personally I love it. If you do have a rosewood fingerboard and its still too bright with the JB for you then yea get the Custom Custom
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i do have rosewood
it does seem too bright, but a huge improv over stock
just got off phone with Duncan cust serv (man those are great)
they are going to send me the Custom Custom in advance of me shipping back the JB (out of policy for them) and i'll make swap in about a week and then send old back.

THEN, he said if i don't like the Custom Custom for some reason they'll swap again!

Man, what a freakin great company!

Try a 250K pot with the JB first. Cheap mod and it'll take away some of the top end. It's a very popular combo for a Strat.

The CC will lack bass. It's a bass light pickup, even though it's fairly warm sounding.
If you want a full on, thick tone that's not overbright, definitely try the new Alternative 8. I did a review not long ago, have a look if you want. But it could be what you need.
Thanks again Pott!

Actually, you and I traded comments on the Alt 8 a while back because I was interested in it and no one else I could find had one. I actually brought it up with SD Cust Serv and they said that the Alt 8 SH-15 would also be very bright in my guitar. I have a MIM strat, and I forgot what guitar yours is in.

Also - I believe I have a 250k pot in there now. Actually, I know I do.

And the DC resistance on the Alt 8 at almost 17.7k seems off the charts.

Thank you again tho for chiming in. Custom Custom is in process and I have RMA, so I hate to screw with Duncan by calling in and changing it. Maybe I should have waited a bit to get more responses but one they told me they would pre-ship on RMA and could still change later I was sold!

Mhmm dunno. I have mine in essentially a Basswood strat which is pretty neutral sounding and it's not bright. It's not too dark, but it's just not bright. I think it'd sound real nice in an Alder strat to bring the brightness back.

And yes its output is way over the top Kinda makes it fun to try and tame it muahahaa...

Good call on keeping the CC trial for now. SD are an amazing company, that's for sure and I have nothing bad to say about them. I'm never buying any DiMarzios though