I'm thinking of getting a metal muff pedal, simply because I dislike my amp's current distortion. I love the cleans on my amp though, so I'm not willing to just sell it to buy a new practice amp.

I do plan on getting a better amp later though, so would using a distortion pedal in front of it be...pointless? I mean, what's the point of getting a new amp if I'm gnona use a pedal right? Or is it different, and the pedal works differently with different amps?

I'm a little confudled guys, sorry if this post is opintless/has no actual...anything.
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It ranges, heavily. From early thrashy sounds, to Pantera, to more modern day death metal, to something a little less aturated but ehavy (Think, High on Fire). I was actually thinking of getting a Metal Muff because it has so many controls for everything.
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When are you looking to get a new amp? A lot of people here will make the Metal Muff out to be better than it is. It's a thin, harsh sounding pedal, especially with a cheap SS amp. If you can, wait it out and make what you have work for the time being.
^^^^ I agree. The Metal Muff is NOT that good of a pedal. I would look into a Keeley modded Boss Metal Zone MT-2 if you're looking for a good eq'd metal pedal. I had the Metal Muff and I would almost go as far as to say, it sucked...
I'd be looking to get a new Amp round christmas time, though I have no idea which amp to actually get heh.

Hmm, so the metal muff is essentially a no no? I mean I would prefer to just have an amp that had a good natural distortion. I was thinking just getting an overdrive/boost pedal to make it more 'brutal'.

The actual amp I was looking into was the either the orange tiny terror because Orange is awesome and I heard it was loudish (should be good enough mic'd) or some used Marshall or a Traynor Custom Special or something.

Thanks for the advice guys
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Alrighty so I'm scrapping the metal muff. I'm talking general now, is using a distortion pedal purposefuil in front of an amp? Or should I just get an overdrive isntead?

For example, right now I have a smaller practice amp with decent distortion, but it could be used a little better. So I pedal this bitch, and the distortion gets meetier and better. Later on down the road I get myself a nice high gain amp, would using the distortion amp change the actual distortion or just boost the gain to make it give more distortion or...**** yo I'm confused.

Thanks guys
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You didn't post what kind of amp you have. Distortion through a solid state amp can sound thin, but can sound alright through a tube amp's clean channel. If you are upgrading amps, I wouldn't spend a whole lot on a distortion pedal.