Hello, i've got an Marshall Artist 3203. It sounds great and all, but there's only one problem, i can't really use the clean channel because it gets ovedriven very fast. I can't ever have a really clean sound. Not even if i got the master on max and the preamp very low, if i have the volume wont be enough to have in my room once...(almost). Is there any way i could solve this? Or is it just to take it and move on? Maybe get another amp only for clean sounds?
on the amp? as low as possible, i think it's around 2-3 or something, after that it's just silence
agrred, put in some 12ay7's in the preamp
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maybe you need to change the tubes... how long has it been since u last did ?
even relatively 'high gain' 1 channel amps don't break up at 2, i dont think it should be like that. but i really don't know this amp