I'm in the market for a tube combo in the $500-$800 range. I play classic rock and blues, but make the occasional dabble into metal. A tone achievable like Gary Moore's in this vid http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4O_YMLDvvnw would be nice. I don't currently gig, but hope to soon.
I'm currently considering:
Epiphone Blues Custom 30
Peavey Classic 30
Traynor YCV50 Blue

I have a job, so saving up for say a Orange Rocker 30 wouldn't be a problem if in your opinion it's worth it.
My capability to try anything out is little. I still have to call the few local places to find out what they carry, though.
My next amp is the traynor, once I get a better job...

05' G&L S-500
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96' Yamaha APX 6-A

Peavey Classic 30
Maxon OD808
Not familiar with the Traynor, but the PV Classic trumps the Epi Blues, though you may need a Tube Screamer to get the tone in the vid.
5150 Combo
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^Really, I've only heard good things about the Epiphone Blues Custom, though.
Could you please elaborate.
Quote by kiwi68
^Really, I've only heard good things about the Epiphone Blues Custom, though.
Could you please elaborate.

Well, I maybe speaking a little out of turn as I haven't personally tried a Blues Custom. I have tried a Valve Junior and a Valve Standard and they sound great and I'm not knocking them.

But from what I have played and heard of the Peavey, is more versatile and can really go from sweet blues to Marshall-stack or AC30-type sound.

But don't take my word for it, just my observations.
5150 Combo
LTD Viper 400 (EMG 81/85)
Ok, thanks for the info. Hopefully more people comment so I can get a better idea of the amps.
i haven't tried the ycv50, but i've tried the 40, and i'd have thought the traynor is probably closest to what you want (and the 50 allegedly sounds more marshally than the 40)...
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Yeah, at the the moment it seems like that from what I've read that I'll probably go with the traynor or save up for an orange.
Go for the Classic 30. You won't be disappointed.


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