Our band recently finished another Song called Withering Illusion which i just wrote down in guitar pro , plz tell me your opinions , it mainly trash metal in my opinion but in partly contains some prog elements , don't care for the drums too much i just hadn't enough time to change the pattern during the solos and the transitions in this part are leaking ...
thanks for crit tell me if you also need some feedback

Withering Illusions.zip
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Impressive work, I like it. My only complaint really would be that the rhythm guitar feels a little underdeveloped, especially during the refrain. Perhaps some nice octave riffs would sound good there. But I really cant write at this level, so I probably isn't a vary good critic
This was pretty good I guess, it isn't progressive in the slightest though, I actually felt like I was listening to a Judas Priest Pain Killer like speed metal song, so while the entire song feels kind of empty as a whole, I realize thats because the vocals need their room, as a Speed metal song, I give it a 10/10 cause really, who doesn't like speed metal, but as a prog metal song it really shouldn't even get a score because theirs nothing progressive about it.

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where was the prog? :S

well i thought maybe bar 107 was quite progressive

no I#m joking , you're right , you can barely find any prog in it i realized after listening to it again, themadisraeli also mentioned it before you, to those who are up to listen to this song don't search for the prog anymore here is none, i think i just named the thread this way as we usually play things that are a bit more progressive , but not the very much progressive things at all , nonetheless i would like you all to rate it although it's no progressive ...
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Actually I didn't really liked the riffs. It was pretty boring. The solos was nice but still not that great. It's a mediocre song. I hope the vocal will cover it all.