I have $130 to spend on a new effect pedal. I have narrowed it, but not limited it to: Boss BF-3 Flanger, Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, Boss FZ-5 Fuzz, and MXR EVH Eddie Van Halen Phase 90. If you want to suggest a different one that is fine.
My setup is Guitar (Les Paul Special II)-Boss MT-2 Metal Zone-Amp (Crate GLX30). Thanks.
I'd go with Digital Delay, but get the DD-6 instead, or possibly DD-7. Digital Delay can be used for a lot of cool things, and is not really limited when it comes to style and genre. A versatile pedal with a lot of cool features.
Three questions: How much is the DD-6?, Does the DD-3 have tap tempo?, and can you set the pedals to like a dotted eighth note and do a pre-delay type thing?
alright the dd-6 is like 160 i think around there
look don't get the ph-3, or the bf-3
just a waste (phase 90 and mxr flanger instead)
don't get a evh phase 90 just get the standard
it's a marketing gimmick
the extra setting is useless and it costs what 50 bucks more? not worth it
DEFINITELY do not get the boss fuzz, it is crap compared to the big muff pi
the only pedal worth getting is the dd-3, which isn't all that great, good for a standard delay but if you want a more extravagant delay which does more look into somekind of memory man or dl-4 from line 6
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What about the MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive? Would that work with a Metal Zone? What are the best pedals to buy in each type of effect? (Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Overdrive, Wah, and Phasing)

look into roger mayer classic fuzz.

and you might like the fuzz in my sig it does an OK metal sound go to my profile click old skool fuzz 2 demo I have a demo in drop d
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If you want an Overdrive I suggest you go with the BBE Green Screamer. It's $100 and it comes with it's own AC adapter. Don't get the ZW based on the name and the shiney package, it colors you high gain tone a little too much IMO. The Green Screamer is like a TS9 minus the extra midrange and with a little more bite
And yes, an overdrive would great with the metal zone as an extra boost. Keep the the tone and gain below 3 and set the vol between 7-10 for a great boost. Keep in mind that you may need a noise gate or noise suppresor if you use the 2 togrther
what amp do you have
and i doubt a overdrive would work with a can of bees ^^bof you know better
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My personal favourites are:
Chorus: EHX Small Clone (Full size)
Flanger: Japanese Boss BF-2 or EHX Electric Mistress
Analog Delay: MXR Carbon Copy (DOD FX90 isn't that bad either)
Digital Delay: BOSS DD-6 (never used a Line 6 DL4)
Overdrive: Can't beat the Ibanez TS9.
Wah: Let your ears decide on this one.
Phasing: EHX Small Stone (MXR Phase 90 close second)
Tremolo: Demeter Tremulator or Cusack Tap-a-whirl if you are rich, Rocktron Pulse Tremolo if not
Fuzz: ZVex Fuzz Factory (EHX Little Big Muff close second)
Noise Gate: ISP Decimator
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