Alright... I have 600-900 dollars to spend on a bass. I've benn looking for awhile and was looking at the Fender Power Jazz, Fender Deluxe P-bass and others. My problem is that I know I can get a nicer bass then the Power Jazz which is $800 for alot less.

Also, cosmetics are very important to me, i dont know why, but whatever.

Any opinions would help. I play all kinds of music and base my sound off of Duff Mckagan and Breaking Benjamin, with the low sounding punchy clear sound.
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Low, punchy clear sound would be a P-Bass.
And don't buy the cheaper bass, until you have played the fender for a good few hours, because they (or at least the MIA Jazz) feel so much better than cheaper versions. Seriously, quit looking, start trying. A lot of people like Warwicks, which Breaking Benjamin's bassist uses, but to me the necks are too rough. Each to their own, get off the forum and get a bus into town
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Id check out laklands stuff. You might be able to find a used 44-02 for around $900. It is much more versitle than any fender could ever be and the build quality is much better. Ive had a fender jazz and precision and neither of them even come close to my lakland darryl jones. If your looking for real quality i wouldnt buy anything for less than $800.
Look at dean as well. they have some nice basses
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If you want a sound like Duff McKagan, go out and buy a Fender Aerodyne bass and a chorus pedal.
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Ya its hard for me to try new basses besides the usual jazz and p-bass because my local shop blows.

And the only reason i'm afraid of a p-bass is because i have a squier p-bass now. And i hate it. Is that its a squier? lol
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You should give ME the cash, and I'LL get a new bass...

No but really, do whatever you can to go to a store with a GOOD selection of basses and bass brands and try lots of them out, even if it's a big trip. I hope you don't mind driving an hour to test something you're going to drop so much money for. Since cosmetics are important to you (they are to me too, it's all good, you should like the look of your bass), it's really hard to suggest certain basses. I like the Ibanez SRX700, maybe you don't? Everyone has their own tastes. Fender is a great brand, but it's not the only brand.

Note which basses you like, and then come back here or to another site to read reviews for any quality issues or things like that. Then BUY BUY BUY!
I do like ESP's looks but not their sound. I would have to buy one and change out the pups.

I was actually looking into the Duff McKagan bass with Jazz neck. It has a pup selector, which would make my tone more versatile, which is the way I like it. And it comes with Dimarzio pups installed.
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I second the Aerodyne.
But obviously if the Duff signiture appeals to you, then have a good try of that, but it won't be as good quality as an original bass of the same price, which is what I usually find with sig models.

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Really? And I know Duff started out with his Fender Jazz Special and then picked up the Aerodyne, but im really considering either right now.

BUT, at my local shop they have an Aerodyne P-BASS, is the action and stuff similar?
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I got to play the Aerodyne Jazz and it was a really really nice Bass.
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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Ya, one more question, if I was to get the Duff Mckagan signature, would it be worth it paying 200 more for Dimarzio pickups?
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You want to give that money to me.

but really...
Get a good LTD er ESP.. Make sure it's a high end one sooz you don't waste yer money

But srsly...
Give it to me
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