i've got an old strat body that i want to mod pretty drastically. basically i want to fill in the tremolo, and maybe the pickup routes and i want to shave down the sides to make the edges more pointy. and if possible, make the neck pocket and the lower cut-away more contoured
i have no wood working tools or machines
^ definition of pointless
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You can't do any of those things without tools of some sought. I suggest you read up (and try) some simple woodwork first
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i've got an old strat body that i want to mod pretty drastically...
Not a problem.
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i have no wood working tools or machines
Big problem.

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^ definition of pointless

fair enough, but how might i go about filling in the tremolo, and pickup route cavities?
i suppose i could use hand tools to contour the guitar body, but what might i use? jig saw, wood file, sand paper?
also, this body has the standard neck heel. would it be safe to do some contouring on this part also?
It is achievable, sure. The tremelo will be your only issue i think, although, if you look around there are fixed bridges that will fit over a tremelo hole, i forget where i've seen them though.
To fill in the pickup routs, just stick a block of wood in there of equal size, glue it in, no biggy.
I'd leave the neck pocket alone if you don't know what your doing
Do the body contouring as you wish, that won't make a big difference. Can do it with sandpaper if you've got a few weeks free :P

Obviously after all this it will need refinishing.