out of his guitar,right by the wires that connect it to the switch and volume pot,the pickup is completely unattached,will it effect the bridge pickup,because he scared too plug it in,he thinks he may blow the amp or somting.
It should be fine, especially if he has a 2-volume 2-tone setup. Otherwise, it would be like having a single-pickup guitar, as you can wire any pot for any setup.
It shouldn't effect it.. I'd assume you'd just get no response if the pickup selector is focused on the neck pickup..
If in doubt, take it to a guitar tech and get his opinion.

On another matter, where did you get your avatar?
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How do you just rip a pickup out?

Should be ok, as long as he didn't rip out any of the connections that the other pickup might have been attached too. Depends on how well the electronics were put together. Sometimes they may share a connection or two.
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