I don't know much about this guitar. Just got it off Ebay a couple weeks ago on a whim since I liked how it looks but I've got another HH strat on the way that will see much more playing time than this.

I believe it is the Squier Stratocaster Satin Trans HH model. It is in very good condition. There are very light scratches on the front that you can only pick up in certain like. The back plastic trem cover has piece of the plastic scratched in one corner but nothing big.

Haven't played it much except to make sure it works. I'm waiting on some new strings for it now since it showed up with some really old ones.

I forgot to add that I don't have the trem bar for this.

$140 shipped.

Open to trades for other guitars and can add some cash to the right deal. Would mainly be interested in an Epiphone Les Paul Custom or Goldtop.

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Would also be interested in trading for a nice loaded pickguard. Would prefer Texas Specials but am open to others.
Bump for you.

I played one of these the other day in a local shop, but it had the brown satin finish. I was scouting guitars for my son. These guitars play surprisingly well! The pickups even surprised me. They were asking $225 for it! You have a good price on this....
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