right i have my first main gig (schools don't count) tomorrow and we have been playing for like solidly 3 days straight and my fingers r red raw, like really sore. any suggestion to make them feel better. other than putting something over them while i play tomorrow

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err my mate put masking tape on his when this happened, if you do it right, you wont get any loss of tone, plus you'll look mysterious and alluring to on-lookers.

Do not under any circumstances consider creating little superglue fingertips, which whilst hard as rock, dont come away from the skin, the skin comes away from you (another past experience)
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Okay, the thing you need to keep in mind right now it's that it's what's under the skin that's tender and sore right now. First of all you want to ice them for an hour or so until you feel it noticably less sore, then you want to soak them in vinegar for a while (yeah, vinegar, it's good for the callouses) - just sit a little dish by your side and watch TV for a bit or something - then dry them and wait for your skin to dry again.

Bare in mind these two only speed it up, they won't cure it. Not playing (for the sore flesh) and keeping them dry (for the callouses) are the only definate 'cures', so to speak.
Don't play until the gig. Maybe try throwing some lotion on there, aloe or something soothing like that. The only true cure for injured finger tips is time. If you at least don't play until the gig your fingers should be fine for the first little bit, if not all of your set, depending on how long you're playing.
If you absolutely need to play, lay off for a day or so and then use a product called new skin. Just remember to remove it after the gig.
This happened to me once. I played with a pick until the gig and made sure I had some picks handy at the gig itself.