what do you think of an Ibanez GRG170DX for my first electric? id be playing metal, rock music. if there are any better guitars out there about the same price let me know
yes!!! its an amazing guitar... i am a beginner, i just started 6 or 7 months ago and i have the GRG (blue) and its great. awesome and clean sound. good on distortion and handles other effects well too. its good for all types, i usually play classic rock or metal... im currently working on Mama I'm Coming Home by Ozzy, and it works great. i say get it.
my bro has one a grg170dxl (lefty) and he loves it
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does anyone know what amp i should get? id prefer a secondhand one off ebay for about £40 cos im on a tight budget
You could save up to an RG 370 dx...They are cheap and a lot better. I have one. Had no problem with it...I think it would be worth saving a bit longer And the 370 is a keeper until you have played for a long time... I have been playing the elecktrick guitar for four years.
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a Ibanez RG170R was my first guitar....great git....decent sound and take a beating
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would the GRG170DX be a better choice than an epiphone sg -g310

Yes althoughta ibanez RG321MH is a better guitar than both of those..