Which pickup suits Heavy Metal Riffing (ex. Metallica) and gets great soling response and tone overall? The EVO 2 or the D Sonic. I know the D Sonic is better for drop tunings but I dont really play other than in Standard if that helps you with my decision? I am hoping to buy the bridge pup in about a week and have already decided to get the Breed Neck. I play an Ibanez S470 and a Randall G3 Amp (Partial Tube)

Thanks but I already have a Tone Zone in the bridge of one of my other guitars and just want to try something different. I want to have options between the two guitars. I do love it dont get me wrong

Well, if you want something different, Id try the EVO... or if youre feeling even more heavy, the X2N
probably the d sonic. that is what john petrucci uses in his guitars, and he play some heavy ass ****
the EVO is good BUT
a Dimebucker is better
even better is a Bill Lawrence L500XL for $69.99

the best hot rail pickup made!!!!
with the breed the EVO 2 will have a better synergy (the drop sonic isn't going to be bad with it either) but I think Evo 2 will workout quite nicely
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The D-sonic is the better bet - it has a pretty flat EQ curve compared to a lot of the Dimarzios so is better suited for heavy riffing.
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