I'm come right out and say the Wangcaster
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thats one fugly guitar
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pretty nice it is!

but i like the dragonforce guitarist's solo a little bit more
that five necked guitar that the guy from cheap trick has is way more insane than that guitar
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That solo was dire.

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Watched several other videos, and the ones with the angel guitar all sound HORRIBLE. Is he even in a key? Damn.

But the ones using Les Pauls aren't too bad. Apparently God considers the angel guitar to be blaspheme, and has thus cursed it to a life of ****ty sounding solos.
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That's an Afri-Can guitar. It's built in Africa from an old gas can. Check 'em out: http://www.afri-canguitars.com
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That's an Afri-Can guitar. It's built in Africa from an old gas can. Check 'em out: http://www.afri-canguitars.com

that thing must have some awesome tone dude. just slap on a few EMG's and it will be just as good as an ESP
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That solo was sh*t
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does anyone have the pic of that guitar thats also a katana?... it was like blue and purple
ESP custom shops are the craziest Take the sword and angel guitars for example. but the list goes on.
heres one of my friend's dad's art guitars:

i got to hold it for a sec and its very uncomfortable but honestly not that crazy.

edit: forgot to mention this design was the flagship for esp custom shop for 2007 and no its not the original, shown in the picture, but a replica.
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Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day.
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That's actually a functional guitar called the Pikasso. Linda Manzer made it for Pat Metheny. He uses it on a few songs. It's really cool to watch him play it.
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This is another one of that guy's stock guitars...I'm not real sure if he is playing but the guitar is about the silliest thing I have ever seen, then again, when Les Paul came up with his guitar,,people probably said the same thing.


Thats the thing about guitarists from Asia... it is all about looks and size but no play.They need to stop showing off there cartoon looking guitars and outfits and start getting some original/creative skills.
Totally agree with someone's post earlier about that guitar sounding like crap... besides the solo sounding like crap. Am I allowed to say "crap"...oh crap, I didn't mean to say 'crap'.

Has anyone ever been overseas? I did 10 years in the NAVY and the rock bands from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, all have one thing in common, they get their guitars from the same place as that guy playing the alabaster albatross.