Hi all! I have made a new song called floating by. THe main thing is the rythm guitar I made, please tell me what you think of that! of course you can give comments about the lead guitar either, but that one is completely improvised.

I know my songs all could use some vocals... but I'm just not that good of a singer. You'll have to do without, sorry.

You can find the song on my profile of course!
Very nice, Very calm and soothing. Im definately digging it. The one thing I noticed is that at some points is that sometimes the rhythm gets really quiet or something and the song kinda loses some momentum, maybe add a really simple bassline throughout just to hold the song together. Im talking really simple, like maybe just whole notes following the bass notes of the chord progression. Overall, I like dit a lot, keep working at it man. The improv lead was very nice too. Good job.
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