Hey everyone, i guess this is the right place to post this however correct me if im wrong.

I am going to be making a new guitar soon, based on the body/design of a fender strat and will then be looking for a good amp, im am a pretty big beginner however itll be a little while before i have the money to buy a new amp so that wont be as much as a problem, i just wondered what would be good as i currently have one of the smallest Marshall practice amps for my guitar just to learn, i also wondered if its worth investing in an amp for the long term and getting a good one or just a slight upgrade, finally any recommendations would be great as with amps i have very little idea where to begin.

Hmm, what are you going to use the amp for? Just practicing by yourself, playing in a band, or even doing gigs? Good to know
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An amp is your tone center,
remember this rule:
"Out of a good amp even a crappy guitar sounds can sound good
Out of a crappy amp, even a $3000 guitar is still gonna sound crappy"
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im going to be using it for practice but when i get good ill be playing with friends who all have very good amps so id want something that could keep up, overall anything that can sound good loud and quiet and im not sure about how much i want to spend on it at the moment the guitar could cost me 700 pounds ($1400) to make so ill see what i have left.
I did the very same thing you are doing, including undervaluing the benefit of a good amp. I would recommend that you spend less on a guitar and save for a good amp. If you are new to guitar, does it really make sense to you to build one this early?

Guess how my custom guitar sounded through my crap amp, yuperdoodle, like crap.
What styles do you play? this will help narrow down the choices. Also if your planning on getting a better amp to keep for a while you'll want to buy a tube amp, they are more expensive, but provide greater tones. Like the others said, DONT undervalue the amp, i saved up for an expensive guitar with great pickups, it still sounded crappy through my cheap amp, so i upgraded.
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hey sorry i had to go off, i am building a new guitar as part of a project i want to do in the summer as i have 8 weeks off, i play rock/metal music mainly but an all rounder would be good.
I have Roland's Micro Cube, and it's kick ass!
You can choose from clean sound to some serious gain and it has some effects too.
Too bad that it's kinda weak, so if you are playing in a band it won't do you any good...

And it's cheap!
im not to bothered about it being cheap or not and i was looking for a more long term amp so i wont have to upgrade much, my friend recommended at 50W marshall but i havent looked at them yet
Well the CUBE has only 2W...

But it's the perfect beginners amp!
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i only have a very low end marshal at the moment

Irony - that is the crap amp I referred to earlier. Not ripping on you or your gear sir, just pointing out that once I upgraded from the amp I had, all my guitars sounded a lot better. I mean a LOT better. Spend 8 weeks practicing with friends instead of working on a project?
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yeah the amp only cost me 50 pounds ($100) i only got it to see if i even like electric guitar so i wasn't expecting any kind on sound quality, im building my guitar in that 8 weeks because its very unlikely ill have that kind of block of time again to do it so i can always go out any by an amp after, depending on the price it would only take me a week or two to get the money as i wont be spending 24 hours a day making the guitar, any how are there any more amp recommendations i know as much as i need a new amp that would be why i posted, thanks for any replies

i have no idea what kind of amp would suit me so i have no idea of a budget i also have no idea of amp price compared to quality so at a total guess maybe anywhere between 100-400 pounds