so I have used ebay a bunch of times for shirts and music stuff and a guitar. It's all been from people in the States and I live in Canada. I have never once paid taxes on it, it's been through ups everytime. Now some guy is using Fedex and they say it's going to be a pretty big tax to cross the border I got the item for 400, during the winter(it's a snowboard) it goes retail 1300. So any idea on how much I'm going to get taxed, this blows, a pretty big deal might end up sucking.
I once ordered a $120 mandolin and UPS charged me $62. $22 for duties and $40 for "Brokerage fee" which came as a surprise when I got it. Go to FedEx's website and look up "brokerage" or "duties".
the guy who is shipping it has no clue what he's doing, last time I do business with someone who isn't a company on ebay.
I meant calling FedEx. Ask him to mark it as a gift if he has no clue what he's doing, that might get you out of paying duties.