Hey guys. This is my first post in this section.

I'm posting up an original tune that I wrote with an old buddy of mine. It originally started as a kind of a joke (being a country/blues parody), but ended up being kind of catchy. I don't have an actual mixed recording, just a YouTube video. Hope you all enjoy.

PS - I'm the one playing lead guitar/sining backup.

Ridin' West
nice thought the drums solo was flippin amazing
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Quote by SpockTheRock
nice thought the drums solo was flippin amazing

Thanks man. Yea that kid is nuts on drums. Here's another vid of him ripping a killer solo (it starts 1:35 into it).

A Jam of Our Own
That was incredible.
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Original song. great groove (supplied by your drummer). The breaks and dynamic variations were just the right touch to keep the song from being boring.

I really dug it. the audio quality was "meh" cause it was from a video, but you got the point across. the solos were tight, you guys were really into it and made it musical. the solo at the end fit perfect and the way you were able to "bring it back home" after the solo was excellent and shows you guys nkow how to play together and function as a unit.

i liked it, i hope to see more.

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