I have been trying to write some stuff lately, but it seems like I can never make a verse or chorus that can have something sung over it. This is why I look to you for help! I was wondering if any of you out there could help me out with a melody, or anything that could be done over this song...I am definately not that good of a writer, especially when it comes to vocals; so anything you could provide would be appreciated. Tips on changing parts of the song to accomodate vocals are also welcomed .



Aaron C.
i think its pretty good, solid riifs, nice grooves, hum....i can try putting some vocals on it just for example, but i dont know if you like my vocals. check out my song( www.myspace.com/capernaumband) they actual song its pretty good, i really like that devious sounding riff towards the end, try working on our timing and the actual mix of the instruments, and dude keep making music cuz you got talent!