so i have to norrowed it down to these basses i wont be getting one tell after my exams damn junior cert so which one....




so ive played the standard and the highway one so which but ive heard good things about good things about the 24 fret and like the sound so your personal opinions!!
If it has to be one of those, I'd say the Highway One. My choice is based off of looks mostly.

But what I do, and what more bassists should do, is go for the cheapest one that you like. Then take the money you saved, and upgrade. It not only upgrades the guitar, but you get a better feeling knowing that your bass is personalized and more unique. In your situation, I'd get the MIM standard, swap out the bridge, pickguard, put a "hipshot" or whatever those are called on it for instant drop D tuning, Seymour Duncan pups, etc.
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well ya the standard was my first choice and i like your ideas

Trouble is, the HW1 comes with half that stuff anyway, and is made to a much higher overall standard.

As nice as customising is, if it is a choice between that and a getting a better bass from the start, go with the latter.

However, what I generally recommendin these situations is to save for 6 months longer and go a full MIA, which will be a bass for life.
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Buy the Highway One: it's got a good finish, great bridge, and they look and play awesome.

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However, what I generally recommendin these situations is to save for 6 months longer and go a full MIA, which will be a bass for life.

This is a better idea, though. Or you can do what I did and find a nice, used MIA. I only payed $500 for mine, and I'm loving it.
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I'd go with everyone's ideas of getting a used MIA, or if I were you I'd look into the Aerodyne basses, those things are smexy!
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Yep, to me that looks legit

Yay for MIA Jazzes!
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i sugest you to but the american standard
the MIMs are ok but too overpriced IMO, VM squiers are way better built and that makes more diference than the wood

if you are planning in a bass for life the go with the best you can get(MIA fender or something with that level)
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i thinl the deluxe is best, the pickups are better, it's active and well, look at it!
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