Thank you both for listening, Coca I listened to your myspace page, sounds cool. I think you need to find yourself some bandmates so you can put something behind the those tight metal riffs.
Thaks a lot man, I know my sound quality isn't the greatest, and my drum skills are definitly lacking but improving. I listened to your music and it sounds great! the quality is wayyyy better than mine and everything just sounded way more structured and flowing. keep it up, I really liked it
Pretty cool. Definitely has that late Hendrix "South Saturn Delta" feel to it. I think the guitar work is good, with most of my troubles centering around the drums (I'm also a drummer, so I get picky about them), but a lot of it may be due to the recording quality and the almost complete absence of the bass drum in the mix. But pretty cool!

    wow dude, i had smoke some ganji earlier today so im kinda flyin and that tune sent me to mars, fvckin great sound, great arrangement, wanna hear some more for sure
    Thanks so much man! I was eye to eye with the sky when I recorded those tunes so I am glad to hear u were feeling it as much as I was when I made them.
    By the way dude I listened to your music on purevolume...holy ****...white summer cover sounded just like page I am really ****ing impressed, and the pink floyd cover was excellent. You have a lot of talent dude. Evrything on there was fly as hell, let me know if u record something new.
    the transition from the different timings needs a bit of looking at it to be a bit smoother, but other than that great!