What is in a "good" hardshell guitar case? Is 5-ply good? wood construction? vinyl?
Would one case be suitable for both an electric and acoustic or should I just seperate cases?
Get separate cases for electric and acoustic for sure!

How durable is it?
How much does the guitar move around inside?
How heavy is it?
How much space for my picks, tuner, cables, etc.. ?

all questions you should be asking yourself.
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User reviews are generaly helpful. I bought a really nice SKB case, one of the exepensive ones with ATA locks and i stood on it and jumped around to test it out. Works really well for my LTD. Im pretty confident itll withstand falling from a truck or even being run over by one haha

but usually if the case is too cheap......dont buy it.
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as long as it fits and its not got spikes inside i cant see the problem

o and you wont find a fitted guitar case for both acoustic and electric mefinks, but a big softcase would do if its just for transport
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i happen to like coffin cases, they work great, have a nice sized compartment for tuners and such and look pretty bad ass.
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Thanks for all the replies.
I'll probably just get a hardshell case for my electric(Jackson DK2FF).
I'll go to a store see what types fit.
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The first thing I look for in a case is a guitar.

damn. that was going to be my answer...
Thank you please.
If it has a decent lining and it closes and stays closed it will work. I've got a cheap bass case that I use for everything and it is still in one piece after something like 2 years of everyday travel. Sure it may have a few dents and scratches, but it is doing the job.