i know how to tap normally, but i heard you can tap with a pick. how do you do this? i tried, but couldnt figure it out, probably almost impossible using jazz 3's like i do though.
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turn the pick on it's side, don't tap with the tip of it.
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Probably easier using a thick pick actually :P
Just tap the edge of the pick on the fretboard. Its easier to use the side rather than the tip.
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you just use the side of your pick instead of your finger, this can help for fast tapping so you can still still ring the note out clearly and is easier for when you reach higher frets.
I do it all the time with jazz III's.
Turn it on its side and use the edge, not the tip, and Move the pick diagonally to get some sort of attack on the next note.
you can tap faster with a pick, but you can easily slip a fret or somethin wich makes a horrible noise.
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pick tapping also changes the tone of your tap, like a finger tap gets a nice tone while, picktapping gets a more vibrotic continuos tone
There are two ways to tap with a pick, ie two different angles to hold it. One way is the easier but the other way can have more accuracy in the long run, so I here. I am still trying to get it better myself so I couldn't say for sure. The standard way is to point the tip of the pick upwards at an angle while the other way requires more of an arch in the wrist, pointing the picks tip towards the ground. I have noticed more control in the latter method, as you can rest the palm of your hand against the top section of the body and therefore have a more secure positioning. It feels a little strange for a start though, but John 5 uses it all the time and he is brilliant so I'm sure it works. As does Satriani.