So I've had an old Peavey Raptor EXP (or something close to that haha) for a while now and I've ripped it apart and decided to make some changes! It's just sunburst with white accents (pick guard, knobs, etc.).

I'm thinking I'm going to paint the pick guard black. I assume acrylic is the way to go?
Also, I was thinkning about painting the head/ neck (but not fretboard) black. I was hoping for a result similar to the neck on my LP Standard, so again, acrylic paint? (primer underneath I assume).

Any other cosmetic suggestions? Just simple things please I'm still looking to sell this and hoping for $75ish, so if anyone is interested I guess I could take pics after I finish?

Feel free to throw some suggestions my way!
Can use acrylic or wood, or metal, or anything for the pickguard to be honest, whatever you can get hold of and use.

And if you fancy doing a re-finish then do it, and match the headstock to the body. And painting up the back of the neck is fine yea, just needs to be done properly and smoothly.

Also put some vinyls or stickers on the body to change it a bit.