Hey gang, I've got a Mesa Nomad 100 half stack. When I got it the tubes were all original, and I was getting massive feedback. I thought it might be the tubes so I replaced them hoping to alleviate the problem. It doesn't feed back as easily now but it still does when I'll be playing and let a note ring out, it'll sustain for about 2-3 seconds and dissolve into feedback. Is there anything I can try to maybe fix this? I'm running a noise gate too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks gang!
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Well, how close are you standing to your amp? How loud are you playing it? You're always going to get some feedback and white noise standing near a tube amp, especially if it's loud.
Are you sure it's your amp and not your pickups? If you rung your guitar through other amps that can get just as much gain does it do the same thing. Typically, if it's not your tubes, then it's your pickups.
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