How Classic Rock Influenced Mastodon, Alkaline Trio, 3 Days Grace & Secret Machines

dude, it's not propaganda. I'm trying to share some articles I think you guys will like.
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It'll be on the UG front page tomorrow

Why do you confuse us all with the 'Banned' thing
Holy crap...Gibson actually did a fairly decent job with the interviews xD
The Pit. The Movie.
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Why do you confuse us all with the 'Banned' thing

For teh lulz, of course.
Thats cool man. I wouldn't think of it as propaganda, and if it is, so what? Its still interesting to read about how the most unconventional of artists have congregated their influences and styles. Bill Kelliher is one of my favourite guitarists, along with Brent Hinds, the lead guitarist in Mastodon, and its cool to see there similar to me, in that I try not to worry about how many fast my sweep patterns are, but instead, I try and relax and write riffs and cool, weird sections and jam them with my band! And although I don't know much from Alkaline Trio and Three Days Grace, I still respect them and like what I have heard. So its nice to here how they are influenced by the greats, even though their styles are obviously different.
Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace

We’re influenced by lots of different stuff. We’re influenced by Nirvana and the Seattle music scene. The Beatles. And classic rock bands from the ’70s, and the ’80s. It brings a different element to the band, for sure.

Rivetting stuff....