What are the best brands for volume pedals? I know that Ernie Ball makes a good one, but Im just looking to see what other volume pedals are out there. Any suggestions would be great.
Price isn't an issue, as long as it's not unreasonable (like $500 lol)

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You can't beat Boss. They have a variety of different ones so I'm sure they have at least one that is very good.
yes you can DEFINITELY beat boss
get the ernie ball vp jr. call it good
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Its just a phrase from jolly old Ireland. It doesn't really mean you can't buy anything better! It also doens't mean you can actually beat them either. It just means there good and reliable! Get with the times baby!
question about volume pedals, when you move it all the way up *tow down* does the volume go to the max the amp can handle, or to the volume your amp settings are on
It won't surpass the level of volume you have set on your amp. So to answer your question, no it doesn't. On the pedals I have tested, if you tread the pedal down fully, it returns to the original volume. Maybe some are different though.