I wrote it with the tune in mind from the beginning, hence all the repetition. The chord progression I had in mind goes simply G - C - D - G (by line). Probably not great but it was a fun song to write

Crisp smell in the air,
Warm breeze blowing softly through your hair,
I looked at you and asked what you were thinkin',
You looked at me and said:

Well I don’t know why,
But when I look up, look up to the sky,
Deep blue, me, you, and then I see,
Winter’s blues are gone and now I’m free.

I hoped, I prayed this wouldn’t end,
Feels like it’s happening again,
Springs here, no fear, but then I see,
Winter’s blues have got their hold on me.

Bitter cold in the air,
I look up and see you standing there,
I take a second look and see,
Winter’s flaw brings the thaw to set us free.

All that time you were away
Seasons would change from day to day,
But you’re here, no fear, cuz now I see,
You’re breeze will always feel warm to me.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
I really like the way you used the words flaw and thaw. They coincide well. Try and use those kind of phrases in your song because its theme, wordings and illustrations are very similar and have been used many times. Other than that, its quite...nice. You know, its sweet!
Bro...thats perfect.
The titles really good too. But I'd actualyl just leave it as Goodbye Winter Blues
But it's your call.
Amazing song though.
crit mine when u can?
"You've got to dance like nobody else is watching.
Dream like you will live forever.
Live like you're going to die tomorrow,
and love like it is never gonna hurt."
-- James Dean (1931-1955)

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