Uhm... Essentially give me more info.

And, stacks can be tube also.
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why not atube half stack?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I know stacks can be tube, i guess i should have included more info. Should I spend 400-600 dollars on a half stack which most likely won't be a tube amp, or just buy a tube amp Cause I hear they sound incredible. I wanna have an amp that sounds real good and is plenty loud enough to jam or even play small gigs
i think tube combos are a loud as a SS half stacks and the sound better but is up to you
just choose by the sound
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The palomino v32 halfstack is $600 new.

If you're gonna be taking it to places, then just get a combo. you'll get annoyed having to carry the head + cab
^^ This man speaks truth

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it's really not that hard of a decision really...
do you want:

good tone? (tube amp)
bad tone? (cheap solid state half stack)
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