hey i have a wireless router hooked up to my computer on the 2nd floor and its getting reception from the modem in my basement. but lately my connection has been really bad, and it likes to take a crap sometimes and not work at all. i was wondering if there was anything i could do to improve my connection.
We had the same problem at my house. The router gave out completely (or we thought it did) so we bought another one and it didn't work, so we ran a cable to the other computer through the walls. Probably not what you want to do though.
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unplug--> then plug back in
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search for other wireless connections from your neighborhood.
your computer might pick them up.
if theyre not secured, then use them
You could probably try unplugging the router and unplug the cable from your modem into the router and plug them both back in again. Also reset your computer after your done not 100% sure it work but thats what i do when router acts up.