Harmon Central: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Crate/G40C+XL/10/1

Here it is: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2159/2449465737_9df4136c1d_b.jpg

This guy is asking 60 for is, says it's in excellent condition, yada yada yada. I own a cheap Ibanez, and about to get a Fender Strat. I'm a fan of high gain, enjoy hard rock and punk and ska.

The amp is 40 watts, made in 1990 (although hasnt been used in like a decade), and has two celestion speakers.

Good deal?

I'd say so. Most other amps in that price range are crap. My Crate (though it's from like 2006 or so) can get some really high gain, so this amp might suit you.