well this guy wants to trade his 1991 marshall 100 watt jcm900 with 4 speaker cab for my 2005 cherry red gibson sg standard. the condition of both items are in mint, do you think its a good deal?

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Well, do you like the way the JCM900 sounds? if you do, then trade it.
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i would keep the sg standard. they are awesome guitars and plus if you have such a cool amp you need a cool guitar to go with it
well heres teh thing, i orignally wasnt plannin on trading teh sg, i was thinkin of trading him the les paul and he add cash on top of that, but he said hes currently broke and he admit the les paul trade would be a rip for me. the jcm900 has a superb tone, i like it alot buti dont know if i like it enough to trade my most use guitar for it, bare in mind is the les paul tat i havent touch in 2 month
you could trade it and if you like it better than the amp you have now, sell the H&K and buy another SG Standard. If you don't sell the jcm900 and buy another SG.