gonna have to start looking for a cab soon...noticed the MG cabs are pretty cheap but I don't want to relive the amp experience.
well i think they have four 10 inch speakers instead of 12 inch. they're not too great. just get a beat up used cabinet. it shows that it's broken in and sounds decent.
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companies usually put a lot of work into making their cabs pair well with their heads, so your best bet it to get a matching cab and head.

what head are you getting?

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most likely a peavey valve king 100...but I hadn't exactly heard raving reviews about peavey cabs
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The MG cabs arent any better than the amps. Theres a reason they are cheap.

That's what I figured

p.s. I'm from KY too
my first cab was an mg and it was ****, it didnt sound good at all
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I'm not a big fan of Peavey cabs, either.

Judging by your guitars, I'm asuming you play Metal. Check out Vader Cabs.
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A 2x12 would more than suffice.
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I have no experience with the MG, but the speakers they put in AVTs are crap.
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are celestion v30's good for metal? or should i look for something else speaker wise? I've noticed they're very common in cabs.
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most likely a peavey valve king 100...but I hadn't exactly heard raving reviews about peavey cabs

I've got a XXX 412 Peavey Cab and its awesome.
5 year warranty is great!
Satriani used my cab..and he used to use the XXX.
Now he used a sig. peavey cab.

dont cheap out and buy a crate or sumthin..you'll regret it.
peavey cabs on ebay usually run around $300-$400
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Thats the worst metal amp I've ever used...