hey guys, i need to pick out a solo for my guitar exam in school and i need some ideas, something not to hard and preferbly not so shred oriented would be nice.. actually i dnot care if its shredding just not too difficult, maybe intermediate level? thx
I think the Sweet Child O' Mine solo with the wah part would be fun. It's impressive, too. I realize I may be seen as a troll for suggesting this, but I think its an awesome solo and everyone seems to be wow'd when they hear it or see it. I don't know if you're capable of it, but check it out. Good Luck!
Always With Me, Always With You- Joe Satriani.

Not too difficult, and all you really need is a backing track.
Smells like teen spirit Nirvana is real easy or come as u r
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How about doing something completely different like a Vivaldi's guitar concerto in D the first movement is really easy. Find a backing track without the main guitar part and play over it with a little bit of distortion a la Paul Gilbert. I did this when I was about 15 and won a 1000 quid scholarship.
soothsayer by buckethead...... lol just kidding. mabye bleed well by him. its a relitevly slow solo. playing it as fast as YOU can might make it more impressive. mabye its only good with the mood set by the rest of the song. check it out.
um, freebird. but seems kinda hard.

EDIT: try knockin on heavens door - gnr
i havent tried it yet, but i plan to.
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Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne, love the solo.
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Hey man, what do you exactly mean by intermediate (like what can you play)? Anyways Sweet Child O' Mine is a cool solo, I also really like Led Zeppelin solos like Communication Breakdown, or The Song Remains the Same, or perhaps The Ocean, or maybe, Rock and Roll; they are all require a little skill and they have feeling so it's cool.

Edit: Oh maybe Back in Black AC/DC I've wanted to learn that for a while but haven't gotten around to it.
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try sunshine of your love
really easy, just some bends and pulloffs
i learned it in an hour