so today at school my guitar mentor kinda guy gave me a sheet with some basic chords i think theres A, E, D, C, G, Am, Em.

Now i was wondering what kinda songs could i learn that would build my skill with these like changing them i have trouble with.
Raining Blood by Slayer
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Basically every Bob Dylan and Neil Young song. :p

Also try Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. I think it's like 4 chords: G Em C D
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Raining Blood by Slayer

This guys right, but you gotta do one part where its A, E, D, C, G, Am, Em extremely fast. Have fun.
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beast and the harlot

Hes gotta be in drop D and IWSYT Part 1 is way easier chord and speed wise for a begginer
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Basically every Bob Dylan and Neil Young song. :p

Also try Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. I think it's like 4 chords: G Em C D

Apart from this guy everyone else in this thread needs to grow up and do some research on how to be funny.

Here's a few to look at

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival - D A G
Knocking on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan - G D Am7 C
Rockin in the Free World, Neil Young - E D C G Em A
Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix - C G D A E
Wild Thing, The Troggs - A D E G
Live Forever, Oasis - G D Am7 C Fmaj7 Em
Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Poison - G C D Em Cadd9
Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison - G C D Em D7
Same Jeans, The View - C F G F#

There's a few new chords in there but don't worry about them, they'll be easy enough to pck up.
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Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
New Shoes by Paolo Nutini (uses Cadd9 instead of a regular C, but that's no big deal)
No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley (not sure, there could be an F in there somewhere)
Before I Fall To Pieces by Razorlight (once again Cadd9 instead of C, once again no big deal)

I'll post some more once I think of more.
uhh try Wonderwall by Oasis. It's got a Cadd9 but you should be able to do it and your teacher dude would be impressed.
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