i have been told by a buddy of mine it is a good noise reduction pedal and i beleve it but another frnd of mine has an MXR smart gate and when he plugged in his strat is made nearley no noise at all it was good for his les paul but not so much for the strat... what do you know about this pedal ro can you recomend a better one because im a strat man and my main one happens to have a P-90 witch is a feedback monster and im afraid a pedal like this would suck my tone....
ISP All the way! Its quite amazing and unwanted sound GONE! But dont put it too high up or it blocks your gain. but all yo uhave to do is find the sweet spot and it really isnt hard at all.
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my buddy hooked up the smart gate to a strat and it wouldent play.... single coils buzz like a bitch so i need a pedal that will work with single coils
The ISP is the bee's knees of noise reduction.
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