hey, i've been playing guitar for a year and i know i like ernie ball strings the best on guitar but i've only been playing bass for a few months and i was doing some hard-core slap bass recently and i think one of my strings in bound to pop soon. i was wondering which brand is the best for bass?
Depends how much cash you've got and what sound you want. Rotosounds and d'Addarios are the strings I use.
Everyone has their own preferences. If it weren't for the famous patience of the bass forum this would turn into a flame war. Basically try anything jazz_rock_feel listed, or something else.
I mostly use Dean Markley Blue Steels, though I've used Rotosounds as well and loved them. Mostly kept to the Blue Steels because they tend to last longer, and give me a better range of tone options. If I ever get a Ric, or even a Schecter 004, I'll be putting Rotosounds on it, will likely keep the Steels on my Stiletto though.

I'd say try them all, but that's either very expensive, or takes a long time to wait for the strings to wear out so its really hard to suggest something like this. Try what you think might work and go from there. Unfortunately, I've noticed strings tend to be a trial-and-error kind of thing. Try them till you like them.
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You can't go wrong with rotosound but try a range of strings and see which you like, with strings it seams everyone is diffirent.
Haven't used Rotos or Dean Markley Blue Steels but...

I have used GHS Boomers, they're....eh....
I have used D'Addarios, they're pretty good, but they're a little iffy as far as oomph goes.

DR Marcus Millers have been the best strings in my opinion.
So I'd either go for those or take peoples word for it on Rotosound.