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Laney Pro Tube 50
4 24%
Carvin Valve Master 100 Watt
4 24%
B-52 AT-100
7 41%
Marshall AVT150H
2 12%
Voters: 17.
I am starting to have an idea of wat i want and here are some head models i have been looking at. i play metal mostly but everything else except for country and funk.
Price range?
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No country? What's wrong with you son.
And where are the ones you're looking at?

Edit: I'm feeling the Laney or the Carvin.
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i posted it as a poll and what do u mean no country i live in the us

So do I but that doesn't stop me from playing some badass pedal steel licks.
But regardless, the more I think about it, the more I'm lean towards the Carvin.
i've also heard about this Bugera 333xl thing and it looks pretty cool would that be better than the carvin
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