The Thread is simple-Whats your favorite rock and roll band from between the fifties to the eighties?

Talk, discuss, argue.

Post original songs, tabs...whatever floats your boat.

Keep Rockin'-TTG

"Have a drink on me, We'll get hell to pay"-AC/DC
Led Zeppelin.

even though i would never consider them as "oldies" but you laid out the time frame
Either the Beatles or Pink Floyd. Or the Hendrix Experience...**** I don't know.
Hi OrrieGolo!

Usually a thread like this gets moved from the Newbie Forum, to wherever it's appropriate.
But your OP is kind of unstructured: "Post original songs, tabs...whatever floats your boat."
so it will probably just get locked.

The Newbie Forum is mainly for New Users to ask advice on how to navigate UG
and use the controls, how to handle problems they are having, etc.

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