im thinking of getting the new creative zen..anyone got any reasons why i shouldnt? and could you give me any reccommendations for other mp3 players. im looking for a smallish one with a large memory, doesnt really matter about pictures and video and stuff.
I dont know too much about mp3 players but I think a Zen is one of the best choices. Dont get an ipod, they have **** sound quality and no individual eq. So yea, I recommend you get the Zen with enough memory for you. 20gb holds 4-5K songs
which one?

i had an old touch, that was awesome until it broke after 3 years.

i've got a vision:m at the moment, that's awesome, and it still works. miss the extra 4 hours battery a bit though.

two isn't really much to draw from, but they seem to be rad.
well. i the Mobiblu cube for about 2 years, it's great, and really small, an inch by an inch by an inch. it has a screen, but no video. but my mother washeed it in the washer. so i got an 80 gig video ipod. it's better.
yeah man i have a 2gb creative zen muvo100 or something like that and its well worth it...the zen stones are nice but i wouldnt recommend them cause they tend to freeze up constantly
oh and. yeah. don't get an ipod, like that guy said, shit sound, shit life, shit picture quality, and no EQ, i resarched for ages before i decided to get a zen.
I have the zen vision m 60gb.

Bit of a brick, but great in pretty much every other restpect.

It's my 3rd creative mp3 player, I've only ever upgraded because of running out of space, none have ever died on me. I still use my 4gb MuVo 2.0 as a portable HD, and I gave my 20gb zen touch to my dad.
Its the main Zen, the new one...its just called Creative Zen. it looks pretty good
i havent heard good things about the zune :/
ive got a zen micro (a bit old) but its NEVER died on me and its still pretty good quality. thats why im leaning towards the Zen.
nah im not gonna get an iPod...**** that
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What so bad about the Zune? I love my Zune. Huge screen. Software sucks though.

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My brother has a Cowon D2, is a touch screen, long lasting battery and you can easily change the memory card to one that can hold more (up to 16GB I believe). Apparently it is the best and is not so expensive, my brother got it for about 160 dollars I think, is very nice! Check out this video:

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Who buys the hardware just for the software? I spend maybe a minute a day in the software just to sync a song or something. The Zune player itself is awesome, the software is kind of annoying but you get used to it.
i have a zen vision and it's good, and the background is all colorful and cool but the battery life is the worst ever. It says it lasts 15 hours but i'd put it closer to five. Maybe less. It's terrible.
But if you can deal with that everything else works really well.
thats the other thing!! my zen mirco has a battery life of like 4 hours tops but its supposed to be about 12...hmmm anyone else?
even so, like you say everything else works pretty well
I loved my Zen. Unfortunately the headphone jack messed up a bit and I had to return it under the warranty I purchased. ALSO to the misfortune of a Ruski, Best Buy no longer carried it so I had to settle for a Zune. Which is fine. It's actually pretty coo.
oh and also, will i be able to transfer all the music from my creative zen micro to the new creative zen? cause if not im gonna have to find/rip/download every song again....which is ****.
I got a 4GB ZEN. Its pretty good, although I found some problems:

-The video goes out of sync all the time. The sound and the video will stop syncing and you have to fast forward a second to sync it back up. Other people have had this problem.

-Screen scratches insanely easily. Definitely get some kind of case or screen protector.

-You have to convert video with their software and it takes forever to do so.

-Album art won't show up alot of times unless you transfer the music with their software.

-Freezes up sometimes, hence why it has a reset button I guess.

Other than that its pretty good.
yeah, in retrospect the newer zens, especially the black ones, scratch wayyy to easily, you can get invisibleSHIELD for them, and you can't tell it's there.

and if you're getting low battery life, did you do the whole charge full-run flat things a couple of times like they said? i got all excited with my first one and didn't do it, and it destroys your battery life if you don't.