Yeah, so I need a bit of help with eBay. I'm after this one item that, apparently a lot of people are after. I've bid, it seams like millions of times, but lost one bid after another after another after another. Any tips some eBay gurus can give to me so that I can obtain this long sought after hopefully-soon-to-be possession?

im just curious.

um, put in the max that you are willing to pay?

if its more than the current bid, ebay will bid to that amount for you. if it goes over that, then you can bid again if you decide you are willing to pay more.
If you're just bidding like a few cents above the price you won't win. There's also an option to bid as high as x amount without showing anyone what amount it is so you always beat them, in theory.
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^Like he said. If you're willing to pay $100 for this item and it's only at .99$, it will only show that you bid like $1 and it will automatically bid higher if someone bids less than $100
just bid in the last 10-30sec. set a high price that you are willing to pay and DO NOT go over your price. trying to outbid someone for the hell of it can cost you a lot
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Yes do NOT bid on it until about 5 minutes before, otherwise you may just end up rack up the price more
last 20 seconds, no sooner....

make sure you're signed in before you bid... and don't forget that it will make you verify your bid... so take enough time and account for that

Buy it now removes some of the stress....
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when i bid, i usually just put in the max that im willing to pay. if it goes over than then oh well.