I am rebuilding my friends strat copy and was going to use the KFK pickup set that comes with a gain booster. Only problem is I'm looking for black hardware and the miniswitch is crome. Anyone have any experiance with changing the color of switches? I was thinking maybe rough it up with some sandpaper or and use some nail polish. or possibly put some wiring heat shrink wrap over it. Failing that anoyone know how it could be wired for a black switch.
Here is the set.
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lol KFK... Kerry Fucking King! lol. And yes you could try to rough it up and then try some sort of long lasting paint with maybe a clear coat? So it will last
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It looks as though you could find a switch that you could mount to the board and change it.
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Thats another thing I was thinking. Or possibly mount it in the guitar with the swtich on fixed and then wire it with a bypass to another switch. Diagrams anyone?
Paint wouldnt last long it would come off with any amount of use. Should be able to find a replacement even if you had to run some short wires and relocate the switch.
just as a suggestion, dont use tose pickups, it costs extra for the gain booster and it sounds HORRIBLE, unless you have a noise gate like kerry king it makes a bunch of annoying noise

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