Matt42, does anybody know him? He's not really a pitmonkey.

EDIT: Nevermind. I guess technically it was n. maddox
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i dont know? maybe Matt (Harmonius). i dont really keep up with many people on a regular basis.

Edit: do you mean on the profiles? if thats the case, i have absolutely no clue. if there is a way to find out, let me know and i can tell you.
i think like 5 people have added me. i dont really care about any of them. internet people dont exist.
I have no opinion on this matter.
I was around before the profiles so I knew some people before they were official friends.

Anyways, I don't remember.
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Like profile friends or just mates?

I got to be on pretty good terms with most of the MT regs a couple months after my join. My first profile friend was Deleriumbassist, and I love that guy
i dont really have any friends=(...the only people that added me are pepople i know and made them make accounts to add me =(

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You can do that now?
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my first profile friend was rachelulliel or something.

Shes really nice to me based on a few convos, we talked a bit on AIM and stuff and that's it. Plus shes really good looking and looks like shes 18 even though shes my age. lol.
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i dont really have any friends=(...the only people that added me are pepople i know and made them make accounts to add me =(

I dunno, I completely ignored the existence of profiles until this year and then realised I had like 5 friend requests sitting there at once.
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I don't have any UG friends, nor do I care.

Wrong on two counts.
You have four friends, and it secretly keeps you up at night.

Edit: It was Daytripper75. (I think?)
I have many friends, but few comments.
I should start commenting more.
Although my profile might piss off a few people.
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I don't have any.

Apparently people don't want to be friends with a guy that has Emma Watson topless as his avatar.

I try my best damnit.

so, you don't consider n.maddox a person?
i think it was Pookoo... does he still come around here?
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I knew him before UG. He's my boyfriend. He's been here a while. Altho, coincidentally I was his first friend too.
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prolly Little_Buster. he's awesome.

my best friend on UG: probably darkarbiter7
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Ralbert07. And that's because I know him in real life.

To this date he's my only UG friend.

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