I am considering loading my cabinet in production with these speakers. The Vintage 30's probably. (veteran 30's)

anyone have any experience with these? i trust UG more than senseless harmony central and etc. reviews. Id like to talk to someone that atleast seems to know what they are talking about.

This would be for a hard rock (www.myspace.com/jpcorwyn) type sound, and i also play solo-jazz/fusion in my own time. Playing through a Mesa/boogie dual caliber head, 50 watts, running the two speakers (8 ohms each) in parellel, to get 4 ohms. thats all the head supports.
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They're good speakers, and should do the job.
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I'm curious about these.... the price is almost half for their V30 "rip off".

Anyone have any user reviews?
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I've heard nothing by good things. Supposedly, all the Warehouse versions of the speaker they're ripping off are improved over the Celestians. (like removing the chirp from V30's)
Anyone know of a place that does this sort of thing in the UK, those prices look really good
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