I guess everyone is saying to buy silver nickels b/c they are going to go up in price. My Dad already bought $2,000 worth. I tryed lifting the jug he put them all in and fell over GO HANNAH MONTANA!! jk
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i thought nickels were made out of nickel..
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Your father is a silly man.
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But really it's cos she got fat!

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were they..

pickle's nickels..?
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hahaha go to mcdonalds and order alot of stuff and pay for it in nickles. hell, if i had 2 grand in nickels, id go to walmart and get alot of groceries. enough for like a month
isn't it the whole point of a nickel to stay as 5 cents? how can it go up in value? is the government raising it to a 6 cents to **** us all over?
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pickle for a nickel hey hey hey hey

ive got a dollar ive got a dollar ive got a dollar hey hey hey hey
lol I want to buy your father off you
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Why would father buy something thats worth 5 cents for $2,000?
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um, unless he is going to melt them down and extract the silver in them, they arent worth any more than $.05 each.
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Why would father buy something thats worth 5 cents for $2,000?

He bought 2,000 dollars worth of nickels. He didn't lose any money.
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Why would father buy something thats worth 5 cents for $2,000?

I take it that he got $2000 worth of nickels... so like he might have 400 nickels...
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fuck you're right. I did .5 and not .05.

Man I got owned.

Indeed. You are quite lacking in the math skills. OBEY THE DECIMAL.

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aren't nickels made of...ummm...nickel?

Unless he's going to melt them into bars of silver (or nickel as i believe), i think your dad just used 2,000 dollars to buy $2,000 worth of nickels. Silly man :P
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