i bought an s470dxqm recently, but it came without a whammy bar. I tried sticking the one from my old sa220 in it, but it didn't tighten enough unless I used pliers to really crank on the tightening knob. How snug is the standard s470 whammy bar supposed to be?

I kind of fixed the problem temporarily by putting one wrap of electrical tape around the whammy bar, but that won't last forever, as it's already come off once when the tape started getting an imprint from the turning of the bar in the hole.

Any other ideas on how to permanently make the bar I've got work (with it still being removable - no glue)?

I dunno where I'd order a new whammy bar.
You can order a new bar from Ibanez.com from the parts catalog or from www.ibanezrules.com. But the torque screw on the whammy really sucks cus the bushing wears out really fast. What I did was wrap some plumbers tape (white teflon stuff) around the threads of the bar and it has worked for a good 8 monthes now.
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