Hi im new to recording right now im using Audacity.
Im using a gamer microphone.
I have a jack to plug in my guitar into the computer but its crap.
What i do to record is i basicly put my mic next to my amp then i record.
When i use my digitech metal master distortion its sounds terrible.
When i use clean it sounds OK but it will sound like its distorted not the quality u guys are using.
Basicly im looking for a sound thats not terrible with cheap crappy set up im using.
I just want too know what i need to make it sound ok for a low budget under 100.

Im still debating on a line6 Toney port or a pod x3 live.

I dont know which to get.

Guys help me find a way do i need a new microphone because i know a gamer mic aint gunna cut it and if u do suggest a mic for me.
um, i think a part of the problem could be that the mic signal is unbalanced, and plugging that directly into your computer (a balanced signal) can cause some problems, like the mic becoming distorted when mic'ing an amp using distortion.

You could do two things here, or 3 rather... First, get a direct box, an active one to plug your mic into, Then you will need an audio interface (that would recieve the signal from the direct box), like a USB audio interface to plug into your computer, via USB, or firewire, whatever works for you. NOTE: Sometimes interfaces have the ability to accept unbalanced signals already and convert them internally, so to speak. So it may not be necessary to get a direct box. A direct box will cost around 20-100$ cad depending on brand name, though to be honest, cheapest ones work just as good as the expensive ones. Then an interface will be around 100$cad, for like a 1 or 2 channel interface. Or instead of an interface, get the M-audio Transit USB interface. It's an external soundcard that connects via USB. Cheap and can output 24bit recording, if you're going that way. With the Transit M-audio soundcard, it needs a balanced signal input, so you will still need the active direct box to balance the signal of the unbalanced microphone (note, guitar signals are also unbalanced).

The mic I would suggest for micing an amp, that is cheap and decent quality, in fact, many studios still use today is the SM57, i'm sure a lot of people would agree with me on that.