Okay so I just got my Gibson Les Paul Studio and am trying to set it up. However I cannot find a hex wrench that works for adjusting the truss rod. None of them seem to fit. I have a hex wrench that fits perfectly for my Schecter c-1FR as well as my EPIPHONE LP, however it doesn't fit in my Gibson. Is there a different tool I need to adjust this? Any input is appreciated.

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never messed with les pauls actually, are you sure its a hex and not a torx head? try a bigger/smaller hex wrench

Hmm it's kinda hard to tell by looking at it, but it's possible its a torx head.... And I tried every hex wrench in a set and none of them worked...
shoot gibson an email with the model name, and they will send you back an email, probably by tomorrow, with the wrench type and size needed.

also, some are mm some are inches.

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