Hey all, maybe you can give me some advice.

I used to be really good at writing lyrics(at least in my opinion, and a few select others), I could sit down and churn out 3 or 4 songs in an hour, not that I was trying to go fast, but the words just came to me extremely easily. I realized however, that while I like writing lyrics...I also really like playing guitar, and if I was ever gonna be the dual singer/guitarist that I wanted to be, I need to work a little harder on my playing. So anyways, a year later I've got my playing skills where I wanted them last year.... so a couple of weeks ago I sit down to start writing/recording my first (demo) album(pretty much just something to get my music to potential band-mates), and found out I can't write lyrics anymore. GAH!

Its not like I have no desire to write a song and I'm forcing myself....I really really really want to write a song, I've got that...I don't know how to describe it...that burning/itching/really-freaky-weird feeling(I hope you know what I mean) that you get when you really need to write a song. But, I can't.

Its a number of problems...but the biggest two are a) something to write about, and b) how to write lyrics to fit the music...or music to the lyrics(which is how I always used to write...I'd have all the lyrics before touching the guitar). B is bad enough...but a is the big problem, what to write about and from what viewpoint? See, I listen to ALOT of metal...mostly metal, but I also grew up with/around skate/pop-punk...but I don't really want to write the really dark lyrics in metal, and I don't want the really upbeat sound in skate/pop-punk. I want something heavy, but not depressing, know what I mean? My favorite band is In Flames, and I used to write lyrics in a similar style to theirs(think Colony and Whoracle...Colony being my favorite album). Now...gah...I dunno.

So anyways, does anyone here have any advice they could offer? Anything? I'm really up against a brick wall here and I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance...hell thanks for just reading all that ****, kinda a big post for a forum I know.

Me, the confus-ed music dude.

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well then, I was going to say write about girls or love. that almost never fails. also, try writing the music first then figure out lyrics later..make it easier on yourself. I'm not really good at lyrics, but how I write is make up a song then think of random things and feelings that come to mind.. works every time
Well, I didn't really want to write about love 'cause all of my songs end up somehow about my girlfriend and I feel they just aren't good enough to be recorded(I think to myself...why would I record something that bad about the most important person in the world to me?), and just random stuff about girls doesn't seem to work either, you know what I mean? Once you've found someone like I have, nothing else is even worth fantasizing over.

I've been trying the music before the lyrics, but so far not much luck. Any tips? My biggest problem is I can't seem to figure out what kind of riff to play for a verse..chorus...etc...like I can write a hundred riffs, and they're all pretty cool, but where do I use each one....is this one to energetic...not energetic enough, is this one lacking the power need for a chorus..etc... *sigh* I'm so confused. lol

Thanks for you're input though, I'm going to have another go at reversing my writing process, maybe I'll actually get something this time.

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.

I am just starting to put my riffs to word. I have been playing guitar many years and just started writing, when I used to not be able to. Really I think it, the songs I have written so far have captured the emotion of the piece, now that i'm older I have had more life experiance which enables me to actually put a story or lyrics to a song I have already written.

Really, to me, music is all about expressing yourself through the music and with the lyrics. So it doesn't bother me that a song takes 3 months to finish, because I know in the end I will have written a song that perfectly describes the emotion behind it.

So on topic, my advice to you is to just pick something your passionate about and just write your emotions on the topic first. That will set the tone of the song, which you can write some riffs to. Or you can swap it, listen to something you've written and then while listening write some emotions you feel from it. After that piece together the similar emotions and use the main emotion as maybe part of the chorus, with the other emotions being expressed in the verses building up the true meaning/feeling of the song.

Sorry if that was a long read, hope that helps.
I think your problem is that you're trying too hard to find make lyrics that fit your guitar riffs. I would first write a couple of poems and make sure that these poems have a strict meter. Then I could record maybe 3 or 4 guitar riffs. Then go back to your poems and start singing over your recorded riffs and see which one fits the best. Of course you might have to change a thing here or there with the words, but I would try not to change the guitar parts. I think that if you wirte the lyrics before the music, your lyrics will definitely benefit.