I first heard these guys when I saw them supporting Nine Inch Nails last year in Manchester.

Something about them caught my ear, even if they didn't really have much stage presence...

But yeah, I've been giving their Witching Hour album a listen, and so far I'm really impressed. Anybody else out there a fan?
Oooh, likey but I need to listen to more of their stuff.
Was a bit tempted to go and see them but it sold out :|
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You should definitely see them next time they tour! As I said, they don't have much presence on stage, but the music and atmosphere makes up for that.

What I find when I listen to an album is, at first I'm like 'Hmm, this might get boring', but once I let it play for a while, I get really tuned into it and it's all good.
i'm not that into electro and the like but i dig a couple of their tracks... namely seventeen and destroy everything you touch
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'Witching hour' was a good album, haven't listened to it in a while.
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